Dec '06

April '08

Manchester WMD Event Held In Pouring Rain

Further Concerns Over Tumours & Mobile Phones Expressed

Employers Face Bigger Penalties If Health And Safety Bill Becomes Law

Unions Step Up Campaign To Keep People Well At Work

Fawcett Campaign Aims To tackle Sexism In Workplaces

Future Virtual Work Levels Challenges Trade Unions

HSE Fails To Publicise Its Own Convictions Claims New Research

HSE Reminds Senior Business Directors Of Need For Effective H&S Performance

Healthy Working Lives In Scotland - A New Approach

New Threat To Cornerstone of UK H&S Legislation

Healthy Workplaces Theme - European Health & Safety Week 2008

Unions To Celebrate May Day In Virtual World

Workplace Death Toll Must Not Be Ignored

DWP Report On HSE Calls For More Resources And Supports Union Safety Reps

Manchester Hazards Issue Facts On Work Related Deaths

Using Sunbeds & Salons Under 35 Could Prove Fatal

Pollution Link To Thousands Of Pneumonia Deaths

Safety Fears Cast Shadow Over Media Work In China

Catch the Flame! - Campaign Against Abuse Of Workers Making Olympics Goods

CCA Warns New Manslaughter Offence Unlikely To Apply To Large Companies

Further Study Links Long Term Mobile Phone Use To Brain Tumours

CCA Guide To Corporate Manslaughter Act Published

Health & Safety Events For Liverpool

Health and Safety Commission And Health and Safety Executive Merge

Workers' Memorial Day - 28th April 2008

UK Government Plays ‘Lip service’ To Workers Memorial Day


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