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"Dismissively, they said they expect that all operators will comply with the relevant legislation and regulation
when it comes to safety in the workplace and protecting the environment.

BT Unions H&S Co-ord Chair's July Message

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Please Reduce Your Use Of Plastics


Clean Air Day is on 20 June 2019..... Content Highlights section below has changed ....Searching for UK safety law? Check here.....The 'Brown Book' Union Safety Reps legislation - here.........E-Library documentation now reaches 1168 - search here.......Brexit Is Even More Reason To Keep An Eye On Red Tape Challenge - Details here ......Road Traffic Updates when you need them - here........Prevent your private MEDICAL records from being harvested by government agencies - info here .........Check out rest of the website with the content highlights page - here...............Guidance on making freedom of information request - here....

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Download the Union Safety Reps Bible (Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations 1977)

News Archive - All news articles current and past 13 years available too!

Austria Becomes First EU Country To Ban Toxic Glyphosate

Action Mesothelioma Day 2019 - Merseyside and Cheshire Event In Liverpool

NW BT H&S Co-ord Chair on HSE, 3rd Party Access To BT/Openreach Infrastructure

CWU Wants Changes To H&S Enforcement As New HSE CEO Announced

Twenty Years And 40,000 Deaths Since Asbestos Was Banned

Tory International Trade Deals Threaten UK Health And Safety And Environmental Standards

Protect Your Child From Cleaning Product Injuries Says Rospa Campaign

CWU Mersey Branch Show The Way Over Single Use Plastics

Global Warming Melts 40 Per Cent Of Greenland’s Sea Ice

Union Safety Reps 'Bible' Provides Legislative Support For 'Stand Alone' Facilities

Embarrassed To Use Plastic Bags? - Soon Will Be If Canadian Initiative Takes Off In UK

Michael Gove Deletes Regulations On Hazardous Pesticides Even Before We Leave The EU

From Braintree To Malaysia UK’s Plastic Waste World Tour

Announcing THE Health And Safety Event Of The Year - Hazards Conference 2019

Seatbelts Save Lives - Mine Saved Me!

Mental Health And BT Waste Management Themes Of NW BT Unions H&S Coord Seminar

This Report Should Change Your Life If We Are To Survive Climate Disaster

The Ecological Crisis That Could Wipe Out Humanity

Leaving The European Union Raises Deep Fear For Women’s Rights Says New Report

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  • Health & Safety Can Be Fun: videos to laugh at - here
  • USR Resources - documentation and information - here
  • Medical Records: Confidentiality and medical reports - TUC Guidance for Safety Representatives. Download here
  • Understanding Stress: Co-ord member John Southwell, discusses Stress defines it, and looks at the negative and positive aspects of stress.
    Read his essay here
  • NW BTU H&S Co-ordinator's Reports: Your health and safety co-ordinators in the North West write many reports and
    review numerous documents throughout the year. Additionally, they attend a number of Health & Safety events.
  • Are you in the CWU? You can now access CWU Constituency based H&S resources here

    You can read their reports on a number of key subjects/events here

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