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January 2019

Derek Maylor, Chairperson:

In my local community there is a commemorative march to mark the 40th anniversary of the Golborne Colliery Disaster of 18th March 1979 when ten workers died. Since then every five years people come together to pay respects.

These mining disasters continue and the recent 25th January Brumadinho dam burst from mining spoil in Brazil killed more than 300 people. 20 people were killed in an incident at a mine in the democratic republic of Congo.

The International Council on Mining have called a summit to discuss problems. There is talk of bringing outside organisations to monitor safety, just giving them strong democratically elected unions would be a good start to the miners and others site workers safety.  

The Coord support the British Safety Council (BSC) and the launch of their Time to Breathe Campaign this month.

In line with our involvement with the Trade Union Clean Air Network (TUCAN) little is being done to look after those who work in polluted air such as near congested roads, we have a right to work in air that is not going to cause us long term ill-effects in years to come. The use of the Canairy app, worlds first such app, will be widely watched to see if it can be expanded out of London. The Royal College of Physicians note that every year, in the UK, 40,000 deaths  are attributable to exposure to outdoor air pollution, heart disease strokes , pulmonary disease and reductions in cognition .
We have supported RMT and their Northern Rail strike action over the retention and the role of the guard on their trains and were pleased to see there may be an end in sight after ACAS have said there is substantial progress.

Two years of solid action have been suspended having seen a guarantee of a guard on all trains but there is a mention of this being for the duration of the current franchise; this is also guaranteed by the Department for Transport.
There will be further talks but congratulations to the RMT in retaining the work but more importantly, in keeping our trains safe for us to travel on.

Again the Government have assured us all that whatever deal the UK leaves the EU by that workers health and safety will not be compromised, we will preserve the best of the best high standards and so on. Whist the HSE are repeating this at every level, we trust the HSE, it’s the Government we don’t trust. We will see in a matter of weeks what lays ahead.

As always, and in conclusion; we aim to provide the best advice and representation for our members and to:

*Ensure a safe working environment
*Promote occupational health
*Help members raise safety concerns
*Advance industry best practice
*Provide representation at national meetings
*Raise issues with other safety or government bodies

Our greatest assets are our Union Safety Representatives and we fully support them in their work.

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