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Please Reduce Your Use Of Plastic - For The Sake Of Us All!

  1. Tap water is far healthier than plastic bottles of water which leach chemicals into the
    water you then drink. Please stop buying plastic bottled water.

  2. Use reusable plastic cups & cartons or filtered water re-usable bottles wherever possible.

  3. Support coffee shops/cafés who use/support plastic waste recycling. Use their re-usable coffee cups or bring your own.

  4. Use washing powder instead of liquid detergent, because liquid detergent always comes in a plastic bottle.

  5. Support shops/supermarkets that are committed to reducing the use of plastics in their products supplied by the manufacturer.

  6. Please use the dishwasher tablets that have a dissolvable wrapping.

  7. Say no to plastic straws.

  8. Avoid excessive food packaging, why does fruit and veg need to be wrapped in plastic? These can leach chemicals into the food.

  9. Say no to disposable cutlery.

  10. At all costs please avoid microbeads.

  11. Carry a shopping bag, if plastic a re-useable one!

  12. Use plant “pots” in the garden rather than plastic pots, cardboard seed trays etc.

  13. Start to use glass milk bottles, your local milkman still does this!

  14. Use a bamboo toothbrush! Same price as a plastic one!

  15. Use matches, NOT lighters.

  16. Go back to using wooden hangers & not plastic ones!

  17. Use a reusable glass bottle for your water, most café’s will even refill this for you!

List Courtesy of John Southworth & Chris Ingram

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