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I’ve been with BT for 26 years, 14 years living and working in Manchester before moving up to Cumbria 12 years ago. I sit within the Openreach organisation and my role is a Reactive Coach.

I’ve been the Chair of the Lancs and Cumbria branch for 5 years and the Safety Co-ordinator for the last 4 years. Year on year I see the challenge for us as a Union getting greater. Protecting the future of our members and ensuring we’re all able to work in a safe environment are the main priorities.

We have a good Health and Safety structure in the Branch which has been built up over the last few years. Four years ago we had no active USR’s, we now have 5 dotted around the patch, most of them have taken advantage of the training the CWU offers by attending the various Health and Safety courses at Alvescot.

I would encourage anyone to get involved with Health and Safety, there is a whole community of Reps that tap into each other’s knowledge and experience to help create a better safety culture for our members.

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