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December 2019 General Election Could Change Health & Safety At Work Protections Forever

The results of the forthcoming general election may well have an appalling price to pay for the lives of working people and their families, and spell disaster for our children and our children's children.

Tory aims of making the UK a mirror image of the USA when it comes to minimal worker's rights and de-regulation, and their hatred for health & safety regulations, Trade Unions, and Human Rights, will ensure their attacks on health and safety legislation and enforcement bodies such as the HSE; will devastate the world of work forever.

Climate change will be treated in the same way as does Trump and the American right-wing controlled by big business.

Many Union Safety Reps and their trade unions, fear these attacks will make the Tory 'Red Tape' campaign, which is still alive and kicking, pale into insignificance compared to what they will do next if they win a majority result.

Here, Frank Bonner member of Labour International makes the case for maximum voter involvement in the election and urges everyone to support Labour in order to stop the plans the Tories have for total de-regulation of the economy and removal of ALL barriers to business by slashing Health & Safety at Work regulations, food safety and environmental standards; thereby maximising profit above the lives of workers:

Pic: Frank BonnerWith a Brexit extension to 31 January 2020 secured, a General Election has now been called for Thursday 12 December. In six weeks we will have the opportunity to get rid of the Tories and the austerity policies they have pursued with their Lib Dem allies. It will be the hardest fought General Election in most people’s lifetime.

Although the Tories, the Lib Dems and others will try to make it an election solely about Brexit Labour will be fighting on the wide range of issues affecting people all across the UK.

The Tories will have money to burn from their Hedge Fund friends and the support of the media. Labour will counter that with people on the ground talking to people and getting beneath the propaganda from the mainstream press. However this all takes organisation and it cannot be left to the last minute.

There are a number of urgent steps that need to be taken now.

1. Registering to vote. There needs to be as big a turnout as possible. That means getting people registered to vote. If they have not done so already they can register online or download a form to apply by post

2. Organising postal votes. The Tories are planning to make it mandatory for people to produce photo ID before they are allowed to vote. Many people will not be able to afford or have the time to obtain these ID before voting day. They should get a postal vote. It only requires their date of birth and signature.

3. Recruiting volunteers for the campaign. Labour is the largest left party in Europe. However there is no such thing as too many members campaigning in the General Election. Ask people you know to join now and help in the campaign, particularly people you know in the UK who want rid of the Tories.

4. If you are a member of Momentum you will have received a copy of their Organiser bulletin laying out how they are preparing for the General Election. If you can, volunteer for one or more of the seven teams they are building to fight the general election.

5. If you still have links with a CLP in the UK contact them now to see what you can do to help whether through telephone canvassing, Facebook or Twitter activity other backroom tasks that can be undertaken online.

6. Finally money. General Elections are expensive events. Labour have £2 million in their election fund but more will be needed so, if you can, please make a donation to the Party. There are strict rules surrounding election funding therefore ensure you make any donation through the appropriate channels so that it can be properly accounted for.

Labour International's website will be producing regular practical advice as well as dealing with the political issues in the campaign. Check back regularly and link to articles you find useful in your Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts.

The next government will determine the direction of the UK for decades to come. We need to make sure it is a Labour Government.

You can learn more about Labour International and perhaps encourage relatives and friends living in Europe to join this section of the Labour Party and help fight the Tories here

Frank's original article as part of the Labour International website, can be viewed here

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