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International Women's Day Tribute To The Women Who Have Lost Their Lives

To Domestic Violence

Doemstic violence levels in the UK are a disgrace, along with the lack of support for the victims and of prevention programmes.

To mark this, Labour MP Jess Philips, annually reads out the names of all those women killed since the last IWD; and this year's IWD is no different.

“I could feel the nervousness in the room that I wouldn’t finish reading the list within seven minutes,” Phillips said, referring to the time restriction being placed on MPs’ speeches in the debate.

“That is how we should feel every single minute of every day, nervous that one of our constituents will wake up dead. The fear and tension that we felt in our bodies… is what victims of domestic violence feel every minute that they walk around their houses.

“The second they wake up in the morning, they feel frightened, and that they’re going to have to walk on awkward egg shells all day long. These women need us in this place to hear their names and hear their stories, so that we can change and make it so that next year’s list might be at least a little bit shorter.”

Watch and listen to Jess Philips' tribute to women killed because of domestic violence:


Source: Parliament TV / unionsafety

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