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Greater Mersey Amal Safety Reps Partnership Working On Dangerous Dogs A Huge Success

The principle of joint working with management and local authorities is the basis of major work being done on Merseyside by Area Safety Reps and Union Safety Reps Jamie McGovern and Mark Evans in the CWU's Greater Mersey Amal Branch. The branch prides itself in the work it does for the community in general, and so much of that work is health and safety related.

Pic: ATLAS report picOne of the major projects started by the Branch's Health & Safety officials working to combat the scourge of Dangerous Dogs in the area, is called Animal Threat Level Assessment System (ATLAS) and was a joint venture involving the local authorities, Merseyside Police and Royal Mail Group.

A report on the system developed explains:

In April 2017 whilst attending MDSP (Merseyside Dog Safety Partnership) meeting where we (CWU) were challenged by a dog warden from St Helens regarding Royal Mail not giving her information or involving her in a way that could lead to either community improvement notices or prosecutions.

Throughout our previous partnership work with Merseyside Police it was decided a collaborative ‘innovative’ approach should be encouraged and consultation with other like-minded organisations was warranted. This was based on the level and likelihood of risk in the Merseyside area and also a chain of very sad local dog attack events.

We believed (before the trial) that we would be able to confidently estimate numbers would be around 15-30 reports per year in Merseyside, this was further analysed during the first 3 months of the ATLAS trial.

This forecast proved very accurate.

The full report of the work done in developing this tool can be read by downloading it from the Unionsafety E-Library using search word ATLAS.

Source: CWU Grter Mersey Amal

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