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NHS Blood and Transplant Campaign Launched: ‘Bleed To Feel Amazing’

The CWU is supporting the new campaign to dramatically increase the number of regular blood donors in the UK.

Entitled: Bleed To Feel Amazing it is aimed at education the public for the constant need for more blood donors, and not just at the stage of an emergency appeal, but all year round.

With blood products from the USA having been the cause of many people in the 1980's bering infected with HIV, the public are wary of blood supplies that come from abroad where less stringent filtering and checking of the blood donated takes place, especially in the US where people are paid to donate their blood. This creates an environment where people with major communicable illnesses, and drug addiction; are able to get money by selling their blood.

Pic: Blood donor campaign - clcik to register to donateCWU's National Health, Safety and Environmental Officer, Dave Joyce, has written to all CWU Branches; promoting the new blood donors campaign:

"NHSBT have launched a 2019 New Year Blood Donation Campaign entitled ‘Bleed To Feel Amazing’ as the NHS really do need more men to donate and also more black people as their blood is used specifically to treat those with Sickle Cell Anaemia.

NHSBT are hoping that the CWU and its Branches, Regions and Regional Health and Safety Forums can help with their New Year Blood campaign, to try and get as many people as possible to register to give blood.

Many New Year’s resolutions are long forgotten and abandoned by February. If you have abandoned yours by now, consider making a commitment that goes beyond February and continues for the rest of your life, saving up to three other lives as well."

You can easily register to give blood from this website by clicking on the Blood Donation logo at the top of the home page.

Dave also included resources in his letter to branches (LTB084/19):

Campaign Posters and social media assets , web banners of different sizes and key messages. He also included links to some short, excellent campaign videos of people talking about what New Year’s resolutions mean to them and helping them to think differently about giving blood.


You can download LTB084/19 from the E-Library Database using search word 'NHSBT'

Source: CWU / Dave Joyce


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