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Grand Total Of 26 of 72 EU Laws Forced Upon The UK Were On Health, Food,
And Environmental Safety

The UK was forced to accept laws from the European Union it did not want, says the anti-EU lobby and British MPs opposed to remaining in the EU. But just how true is this?

Pic: list of EU laws - click to download full listWell, apart from the fact that this claim is false and that ALL laws are debated in the EU Parliament by all member states before then being ratified or otherwise by the votes of ALL MEPs, including Tory and UKIP MEPs; the number of laws which the UK voted against, but had to implement due to a democratic decision of the EU Parliament and the European Council of Ministers, was a huge number - 72!

They included regulations such as making sure food labels say if Aspartame is present, which has been linked to cancer, headaches and seizures (even Pepsi USA stopped using it by 2015), and banning carcinogenic residue in meat.

Others include making airlines compensate passengers for delayed or cancelled flights and making sure additives in mineral water are safe and labels are honest.

According to the House of Commons library just 4,514 out of 34,105 laws have been influenced by the EU, of which just 52 of them were forced on us against our will - allegedly! The reality is that these figures are disputed, and the tally is that 72 laws were voted against by the UK, according to UKIP and other anti-EU groups.

The full list featured examples to the right, compiled by Twitter member Jim Grace (@mac_puck) shows that far from being punitive upon the UK, these laws opposed by the Tory and UKIP MEPs; were of actual benefit!

Click on the list to download the full listing.

You can download the report from the House of Commons Library from the Unionsafety E-Library using search category of 'Brexit'.

For more information on the facts behind the false claims go to

Source: London Economic / Jim Grace

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