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TUC Calls For Action On Vulnerable Workers

As part of their attempt to raise the profile of health and safety in the run-up to the next general election, the TUC has called for a strengthening of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority with an extension to other areas, as well as greater resources to be given to other bodies enforcing employment rights for vulnerable groups such as the HSE.

It has also called for a joined up approach so that those who enforce the minimum wage, working time and health and safety regulations work together to ensure that all workers have a safe workplace.

This comes after the Equality and Human Rights Commission embarked on evidence gathering of abuse amongst cleaning staff, quick follows from an earlier investigation into the meat industry. The demand is one of ten that were launched by the TUC earlier this year called “Time for Change”.

The demands are aimed at challenging the current de-regulatory agenda of the coalition government and ensuring that health and safety is not ignored by political parties. A new TUC briefing outlines the problems that vulnerable workers, including temporary, agency and migrant workers can experience and condemns attempts by the government to remove protection from many self-employed workers.

Source: TUC Risks

Youc an download the TUC's briefing on Vulnerable Workers here

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