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Health and Safety Reform Event Announced

The Con-dem(ned) coalition government's attack on health and safety begins in ernest in the new year, and an event will take place in April 2011 to discuss the changes being proposed/enforced by those knowing nothing about health and safety at work!

The HSE website is clearly part of the machinery in use by the Con-Dem coalition to convince all that their attacks on health and safety are justified and reasonable. Using the supposed 'compensation culture' which has been shown to not exist except in the minds of the Daily Mail and Lord Young's of this world, whole scale changes and watering down of existing health and safety legislation and attacks on the working conditions of the workers of the UK will be implemented.

In announcing the event, the HSE website states:

" The compensation culture in which we live has stimulated overzealous enforcement of health and safety laws and the need to redress the balance within the health and safety sector has never been greater, and therefore, the Coalition Government has prepared a review to bring back some proportionality to health and safety issues."

It then goes on to detail the event:

At Health and Safety Reform – A Common Sense Approach, The Barbican, London, 13th April 2011 the changes to be undertaken in the next 18 months will be discussed and their impact assessed to ascertain if they really will signal a 'turning point' against the tide of bureaucracy.

In attendance will be Chris Greyling Sec of State for Employment and Subash Ludhra IOSH President Elect.

A series of Masterclasses will run throughout the day. Attendees have the opportunity to pick a stream from the following three topics: Risk Management and Insurance, Legal and Compliance and Training and Equipment.

Union Safety Reps and those responsible for health and safety may wish to attend the event, although the cost may be outside of most Union Branches financial remit at £295 + VAT for public sector and £895 + VAT for private sector. VAT at 20% of course!

You can register for attendance by following this link or by clicking on the pic above.

Source: HSE

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