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Christmas Safety Warning From CWU

Risking the usual negative response of 'bah humbug' to any one highlighting the need for safetyy over the Christmas period, CWU's National Health, Safety & Environment Officer Dave Joyce has nevertheless issues a letter to all CWU branches bringing to their attention that the NHS, RoSPA and the College of Emergency Medicine have joined together to issue Warnings about festive safety hazards they say the public should be aware of in an effort to avoid the level of accidents in the home which occurred in 2009.

LTB1076/10 goes on:

The heavy Snow has its Dangers and according to the NHS Information Centre 7,641 people were admitted to hospital after falling on ice or snow in 2008/9, with 3,854 involving accidents on ice skates, skis, in-line skates or skateboards.
5,761 ended up in hospital after falling from a ladder whilst putting up Christmas decorations in the same year.
125 people were also admitted to hospital after being crushed, pushed or stepped on by a crowd or a human stampede whilst attending the Boxing Day Sales.

There were 1,772 Hospital admissions in 2008/09 for contact with hot drinks, many whilst drinking Hot Xmas Mulled Wine.

The organisations added that every Christmas without fail we see the same injuries.

Other Christmas injuries which staff in Accident and Emergency departments would rather not see (again) include lacerated hands caused by people as they carve the Turkey, people burning themselves on the oven when preparing and cooking the Christmas dinner, injured eyes caused by pine branches as people reach for presents under the tree, swollen eyes due to popping champagne corks, and even accidents caused by exploding tree lights.
People become more vulnerable to accidents if they have been drinking alcohol.

Finally, in a festive mood Dave concludes his LTB with the words: "Merry Christmas!"

Source: CWU


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