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CWU Conference Votes Against a Second EU Referendum

Against the stance of most Trade Unions, the CWU has nailed it's mast firmly to that of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party pro-Brexit leadership in terms of policy over leaving the EU.

Claiming that a second referendum would cause even further division within the UK, CWU’s General Secretary told delegates gathered in Bournemouth today, that so far, the Union has been on right side of history.

He also spoke in favour of a ‘soft Brexit’ and that he sincerely believed that such an agreement on leaving the EU would unite the country, and that the terms of the emergency motion would unite the CWU membership.

There was indeed though, a short and some time a humerous debate over the emergency motion in the debate which came shortly before guest speaker Labour’s John McDonnel took to the rostrum later in the morning session of conference.

Brian Kenny from the CWU's Mersey Branch was one speaker to oppose the motion questioning why it is even on the Agenda because the issues raised in the motion are not emergency issues.

He also challenged the Branch delegates as to the opinion of their Branch members. "Can anyone of us here today, put our hands on our hearts and say that the members in the Branch that we represent, do not want a second referendum or a peoples vote or whatever you like to call it?" he asked. He also asked, "How will the terms of this motion unite those who voted remain or those who voted to leave, or those who didn't vote at all?"

Some would see the carrying of this motion as putting the CWU in the minority within the TUC afiliated Trade Unions, who all recognise that accepting any form of Brexit means accepting a race to the bottom for worker's rights, let alone the British economy.


Given that today is International Worker’s Memorial Day, worker’s rights, health & safety legislation and food safety was in the minds of Trade Unionists attending an event held in the Raquet Club Hotel in Liverpool.

Inevitably the question of Brexit and damage to current protective legislation was discussed, with the clear view given by Steve Tombs, that any form of Brexit will mean ‘a race to the bottom’ and the loss of current standards in these areas, that no Government could stop in formulating a trade deal with the USA.

Furthermore, a report from the USA shows that since Trump got into power and is deregulating everything in sight and especially worker's health & safety protection, the lowering of these standards has increased dramatically, the number of work-related deaths.

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