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The Prorogueing Of Parliament Judgement

Brexit has the potential to destroy much of the workplace health and safety legislation that currently helps to protect working people from employers who are happy to take risks with their health, safety and welfare.

The Tories are hell-bent on ensuring we leave the EU enabling them to deliver the country into the arms of Donald Trump's America where minimum health and safety standards apply to businesses and the products they produce and sell to consumers of America.

Gone will be the 'precautionary approach' that underpins the way in which legislation, standards and new products and workplace procedures are determine by the UK and the whole of the EU.

In the USA, the approach is simply to allow anything to be produced and sold to the public, and only after court battles to prove something is unsafe; is there any standards and regulations applied.

For this reason, what is happening over Brexit and the details of Government actions and plans are so important.

This week has seen a dramatic case in the Supreme Court regarding the PM, Boris Johnson's actions in the 'Prorogation' of Parliament, rather than suspending it with the agreement of the House of Commons as is usually the case for a Summer Recess required to enable MPs to attend their political party conference.

The Government have accused the Supreme Courts of having political motives for condemning Johnson's abuse of his position as PM, and gone as far stating that that the judgment was wrong and an attempt to stop Brexit.

It is important that readers of this website are able to determine the truth by reading the Supreme Court Ruling.

The so-named prorogation of Parliament is entirely different from the suspencion of Parliament, is something we have learnt all about this week and for those who have watched the debates in Parliament yesterday and the PM's statement, it is clear we are in dangerous territory as far as the truth is concerned and indeed; as far as our democracy is concerned too.

Despite the lies and distortions of the tabloid media, people can rwead for themselves the facts of the judgement handed down by the Supreme Court, and see that it had nothing to do with Brexit and to claim it had is a twisting of the truth and impuning the integrity of the 11 high court judges.

A recess of Parliament takes place during e.g. holidays, political conference seasons and does so with the agreement of ALL parties, with MPs voting in the recess dates. During a recess, although they do not meet during recess, Parliamentary business can continue, and it is possible for Parliament to be recalled.

The closing down of Parliament, or prorogation, is totally different, and it is the ending of the Parliamentray session, and cannot be reconvened. It results in the loss of all business and only a totally new session of Parliament can then be called, usually preceded with a Queen's Speech.

In making it quite clear that the judgement made that the prorogation was not legal, Lady Hale (Supreme Court President) said when pronouncing the findings of the court:

"We have before us two appeals, one from the High Court of England and Wales and one from the Inner House of the Court of Session in Scotland. It is important, once again, to emphasise that these cases are not about when and on what terms the United Kingdom is to leave the European Union.

They are only about whether the advice given by the Prime Minister to Her Majesty the Queen on 27th or 28th August, that Parliament should be prorogued from a date between 9th and 12th September until 14thOctober, was lawful and the legal consequences if it was not.

The question arises in circumstances which have never arisen before and are unlikely to arise again. It is a “one-off”."

You can download it from the Unionsafety E-Library

Choose Brexit as your search word and you can then choose either the full Supreme Judgement of a Summary which is that which Lady President of The Supreme Court read from in making her public announcement this week.

Download the document by clicking on the pic above. A summary is also available here

Source: Supreme Court

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