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Stress Guide To Support CWU Health & Safety Reps Available

CWU reps work stress guide is a new, simple guide produced by the Health, Safety & Environment Department in conjunction with the UK National Stress Network, which, it is hoped will provide good sound basic advice to all reps.

CWU's Health, Safety & Environment National Officer Dave Joyce. introduces the guide, telling Unionsafety:

"While caring for your members, please don’t forget to take care of yourself."

Many members come to place demands on their local CWU reps believing them to be capable of delivering all that they want and in their preferred time frame and IR and safety reps are placed much more under pressure and under the microscope by employers as well."

Given the seriousness of the issues that Union Safety Reps and Area Safety Reps deal with, and some are quite traumatic, especially when having to provide support for loved ones of CWU members who have suffred from severe menta health issues and even suicide; stress, anxiety and depression is not a minor risk to our Union reps.

“All of these pressures and especially from members in need and distress can create high levels of distress for CWU reps, who deserve to be recognised for their dedication and great contribution but at the same time recognising they are entitled to be able to cut off, have a life of their own and de-stress.” , Dave said in conlcusion.

You can download the CWU Stress Guide from our Unionsafety Database here

Source: CWU / Dave Joyce


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