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Union Safety Reps 'Bible' Provides Legislative Support For 'Stand Alone' Facilities

Updated Union Safety Reps Brown Book Bible Download - Click The Pic!

Pic: Safety Reps and Safety Committees legislation - click the picGuidance has been launched by the HSE on workers representation and involvement in health and safety, whilst at the same time the HSE website pages regarding workers involvement have also been updated.

At the October 2008 launch both the Health and Safety Minister Lord McKenzie and HSE Chair Judith Hackitt spoke strongly in support of Trade Union Safety Representatives and the benefits of better safety standards provided by actively involved Safety Reps.

They also stressed the need for Employers to comply with the Law requiring consultation and involvement.

This resource containing the current Safety Reps and Safety Committees Regulation 1977 is THE MOST important document and resource for ALL Union Safety Reps.

Using this document everyday, and learning it's contents will ensure all Union Safety Reps feel secure in their facilities, their aims and objectives in their role, and most off all; that thier role in the workplace is both supported and protected by statute law of the UK!

Union Safety Reps facility time (paid time off for their role) are SEPERATE from any other form of facitlity time for trade union officers and reps. They therefefore should not form any part of the overall facility time negotated with employers, and must form a seperate agreement or understanding of the time required by USR's to perform their duties and functions.

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