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Labour International Joins Debate On Brexit

With the question of leaving the European Union very much impacting upon the health, safety and welfare of Trade Union members both at work and at home; last week's debates at Labour Party Conference 2018 in Liverpool, are of paramount importance and therefore appropriate to be reported on by Unionsafety.

Here is a very important contribution to the question of holding a second referendum, or 'Peoples Vote', from a member of Labour International CLP member living in Spain.

Ann Bonner, or Ann Jones as many people in the NCU/CWU will remember her as an Executive member and founder member of the Women's Advisory Committee of the NCU; spoke during the Brexit debate giving her constituency's opinion on the way forward for Labour:


If you are interested in Labour International, they have produced a booklet detailing their development and female member's involvement in their journey from the right of the Labour Party to the socialist left.

Aptly entitled 'We Are Women, Hear Us Roar!' it is the story of the Women of Labour International.

Costing just 99p, it can be bought as a Kindle Book on-line here

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