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The Symptoms Of Aspartame Poisening I Suffered

These are the symptoms that Anna refers to in her article Is Aspartame The Silent Poisoner Of The 21st Century?

My Main Symptoms

  1. Weight gain despite exercising and controlled food intake.
  2. Menstrual cramps so bad that would upon occasion have an emetic effect.
  3. “Hormonal” acne around the chin
  4. Bouts of hyperactivity
  5. Salt cravings
  6. Night cramps in legs.
  7. Frequent infections
  8. Hyperhydrosis
  9. “Hormonal” headaches includind vertigo, nausea, trouble thinking
  10. Facial twitching
  11. Feeling cold for no reason
  12. Anxiety attacks with chest pain
  13. Increased body hair
  14. Several unexplainable bouts of food poisoning that nobody else got

My Symptoms upon “saturation”

  1. Noticeable loss of smell
  2. Noticeable loss of taste
  3. Pain in the pancreas
  4. Complete intolerance to refined carbohydrates which could result in pancreatitis
  5. Pain the gallbladder
  6. Bouts of severe hyperadrenalism
  7. Bouts of hyperthyroidism
  8. TMJ, Temporal mandibular joint disorder
  9. Hall falling out
  10. Excess facial hair
  11. Insomnia lasting up to a week at a time
  12. Tinnitus
  13. Migraines that would have present with stroke like symptoms
  14. Occasions of stabbing pain in the chest
  15. Kidney pain with increased urination
  16. Breathing difficulties
  17. Autoimmune attacks
  18. Extreme anxiety that would present with abusive thoughts about myself
  19. Feelings of aggression.
  20. Facial numbness
  21. Blurred eyesight

My reactions to substances that were described as odd

  1. Sense of smell returned after taking co-codamol
  2. Hyperthyroidism after applying topical iodine on a skin infection
  3. Significant weight loss after taking fluconazole (normalises cortisol)
  4. Significant weight loss after being prescribed opiate analgesics
  5. Hyperadrenalism after ingesting apple cider vinegar (stimulates adrenals)
  6. Weight loss, and smell returned etc after taking quietiapine for insomnia
  7. ALL symptoms worsened being prescribed Cerelle (progesterone pill) which stimulates dopamine

Tests performed on me and why:

  1. Liver and kidney blood tests, normal
  2. Urine kidney test, small amount of blood in urine
  3. Blood test for ovarian cancer- normal
  4. Ultrasounds for endometriosis, normal
  5. Prolactin blood tests, slightly elevated
  6. Dexamethazone test for cushing’s disease-negative
  7. Catecholamines blood test for pheochromocytoma, positive for noradrenalin
  8. X-ray of the jaw for TMJ, no physical cause
  9. ECG when experiencing hyperadrenalism
  10. Full thyroid test, normal function but high antibodies
  11. Examinations by opthalamist, normal
  12. Ultrasound of pancreas and gallbladder- normal
  13. CT scan for pheochromocytoma normal
  14. MRI for large mass prolactinoma or brain tumour-normal

Unnecessary operations I had to undergo

Operation to remove wisdom teeth despite not impacting, didn’t help
Laparoscopy for suspected endometriosis- nothing found during operation.

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Source: Anna Robb

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