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Aspartame Accumulation And Dopamine

To look at the effects of aspartame accumulation, you have to look at the effects of lots of dopamine or drugs that increase dopamine levels to adrenal cancer like levels like cabergoline.

Excessive Dopamine causes:

  1. Headaches 57
  2. shivering (chills)57
  3. weak of sallow breathing 57
  4. anxiety 57
  5. chest pain 57 
  6. blood in your urine 57
  7. Insomnia 58
  8. Pain in the gallbladder  59
  9. More Insulin, less enzymes 60,61
  10. Causes the Kidneys to Excrete Sodium 62
  11. Causes TMJ by dopaminergergic dysfunction 63

Why aspartame accumulation manifests as a hormonal condition in women

  1. Dopamine is repressed by oestrogen 64
  2. Progesterone both represses oestrogen and stimulates dopamine 65,66

The result of this:

Medical conditions that manifest cyclically, like hormonal conditions. Expect symptoms on days 15, prior to menstruation, and just after.

Pic: Female Dopomine cycle
Female Hormone Cycle 67

List of References

Source: Anna Robb

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